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The Crucifixion of the old man.

Knowing this, that our old man has been crucified with him, that the body of sin might be annulled, that we should no longer serve sin 
                                                                                                Romans 6:6

Romans 6 lays the foundation for the Christian’s deliverance from sin. It begins with a call to reminisce, not to anticipate. It directs our attention to the past, to what is already ours.
The liberation from the power of sin is experienced the very hour a sinner accepts the Lord Jesus as Savior and is born anew. He need not be a long-time believer and undergo numerous defeats before he can receive this gospel. Delay in accepting the gospel according to Romans 6 is due either to the incomplete gospel he has heard or to his unwillingness in wholly accepting and fully yielding to it. Whereas actually this blessing should be the common possession of all the newly born.

In Romans 6:6 we find three major elements --  SIN, OLD MAN and  BODY (the body of sin). These three are vastly different in nature and play unique roles in the act of sinning.

SIN here is refers to the root of sin. The Bible informs us that we were formerly slaves of sin. Sin had been the master. First of all therefore, we need to recognize that sin possesses power, for it enslaves us. It emits this power incessantly to draw us into obedience to its old man so that we might sin.

The old man represents the sum total of everything we inherit from Adam. We can recognize the old man by knowing what the new man is, because whatever is not of the new man must belong to the old. Our new man embraces everything which flows newly from the Lord at our regeneration. Hence the old man betokens everything in our personality which is outside the new and all which belongs to the old nature. We sin because this old man loves sin and is under its power.

Now the BODY OF SIN refers to this body of ours. It is labeled the body of sin because it's subject to the power of sin, fully laden with the lusts and desires of sin. And it is through this body that sin manages to express itself, else it will be merely an invisible power.
Sin is the power which pulls us to do sin. Old man is the part of what we inherit from Adam. The body of sin is the corporeal element we inherit from him.
The process of sinning follows this order: FIRST, sin; NEXT, the old man; LASTLY, the body. Sin exudes its power to attract man and force him to sin. Since the old man delights in sin, he condones sin and bends to it, instigating the body to sin. It is through the joint enterprise of these three elements that sin is committed. Present always are the compulsion of sin’s power, the inclination of the old man, and the practice of the body.

Now how can a man be delivered from sin?

For a man to be deliver from sin, SIN is never the first cause we must annihilate in order to attain victory over sin. Also our body is not what we must subdue if we desire to overcome sin. In Romans 6.6 God gives us way how sin was overcame. He neither eradicates the root of sin within nor suppresses the body without. Rather, God deals with the old man in between the Sin and the Body of sin.
The Lord Jesus has took our sins and being to the cross. Paul enunciates this fact by proclaiming that our old man has been crucified with him. Our old man was once and forever crucified with Him. As the cross of Christ is a fact accomplished, so our being crucified with Him is additionally an accomplished fact.

Many saints have been trying their best to crucify themselves. Either lack of God’s revelation or lack of faith accounts for this attitude.
This is a grievous misjudgment. The Bible never instructs us to crucify ourselves.  We are taught that when Christ went to Calvary He took us there and had us crucified. We are not instructed to begin crucifying ourselves, instead the Scriptures assure us that our old man was dealt with at the time Christ went to the cross. Romans 6.6 alone is sufficient to substantiate this.
It is because we are in Him and are united with Him that we can say that when Christ went to the cross we went there in Him, that when Christ was crucified we too were crucified in Him. What a wonderful reality that we are in Christ. Mere mental assimilation of these truths cannot withstand temptation, however. The revelation of God is positively essential. The Spirit of God must reveal how we are in Christ and how we are united with Him in one. He must also show us distinctly how our old man was crucified with Christ for the simple reason that we are in Christ. This cannot be simply a mental comprehension; it must be a disclosure of the Holy Spirit. When a truth is unfolded by God it most naturally becomes a power in man, who then finds himself able to believe. Faith comes through revelation. Without the revelation the faith is impossible. This explains why many do not have faith, for though they mentally understand they do not have God’s revelation. Therefore, brethren, pray until God gives us revelation so that “knowing this” in our spirit we may truly confess “that our old man has been crucified with him.”

What is the consequence of the crucifixion of our old man?

The answer is —“that the body of sin might be annulled". Beforehand when sin stirred, our old man responded and consequently the body practiced sin. With the crucifixion of the old man and its replacement by the NEW MAN, sin may still stir within and attempt to exert its pressure, but it fails to find the consent of the old man in driving the body to sin. Sin can no longer tempt the believer for he is a new man; the old has died. The body’s occupation was formerly that of sinning, but this body of sin is now dis-employed because the old man was set aside. It is not able to sin and hence has been denied its job. Praise the Lord, this is what He has furnished us. God crucified our old man with Christ and render our body jobless so that we should no longer serve sin.
Sin will exercise no dominion over us in Jesus name. We must praise God for this deliverance thought Christ Jesus.

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